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DSU Analysis


Eclipse DSU Data Analysis

Eclipse Gold Service Center

Apex Aviation is a highly experienced and reputable Eclipse Gold Service Center. We offer DSU data analysis for those with avionics issues and for those who just need their 200hr / 12mo FADEC Interrogations completed.

Use the link below to go to our DSU data upload page.

  • Be sure to enter your aircraft serial number and describe the problem you’re having, if any, in the “Message” block.
  • Please be as descriptive as possible and include any CAS messages, display anomalies, and dates and times of occurrence, if known.
  • The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to narrow down your defective part and/or ensure proper troubleshooting techniques are provided.
  • Also, include your name and phone number so we can contact you if necessary.

DSU Data Upload

DISCLAIMER: By submitting your DSU data to us, you agree to pay Apex Aviation $171.00 for the analysis of your DSU data. After receipt and analysis of your DSU data, a representative of Apex Aviation will contact you via email and provide your analysis results; then assist you with the proper course of action to take. If you should choose Apex Aviation to perform the maintenance that results from your DSU analysis, you will receive full credit towards the labor performed.


Our Location

Convenient access at Henderson Executive Airport. Just fly in and we will take care of the rest.
Apex Aviation (KHND)1410 Jet Stream Drive, Suite 100
Henderson, NV 89052
1-702-735-APEX (2739)